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November 21, 2014



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Save the poor little birdies from the menace of Current-X. What do birds do in their free time? Hang out on electrical cables, of course! The warm, fuzzy current beneath their feet stimulates their mind and soothes their soul. But what if someone comes along and takes it all away? Yet Another Bird Game is an arcade survival game where you navigate birds around electrical cables to prevent them from getting zapped. Lose three lives and it is game over. With the all new version 2.0, we are taking this bird lovin' adventure to a whole new level. Protect the birds, eat candies, complete objectives to upgrade the bird and candies to score even more and beat your friends for the bragging rights! It may be yet another bird game, but you haven't seen anything like it!


Yet Another Bird Game has quite a story behind it. When we first decided to make the game, the only thing we had was an idea of what the game should be like, and no knowledge of how to go about making it. We had two options in front of us: Shelve the idea for now and learn how to make video games the conventional way, or dive in headlong and learn from all the mistakes we make along the way. As expected, we made plenty of mistakes, and learned plenty of things, the sum total of which is now available on the App Store. After gathering a lot of feedback and opinions, we came up with a whole bunch of cool things we wanted to do with the game. So we plunged in again, and a few months down the line, here we are with a brand new version 2.0.


  • 6 unique birds, each with its own advantages and disadvantages
  • Collect candies for extra points and boost
  • Complete challenges to earn eggs and upgrade your birds and candies
  • Beautiful Retina Graphics and cute birds that you will fall in love with
  • A challenge worthy of competing with your friends


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Runner-Up @ Square Enix Game Development Contest" India, December, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Yet another bird game that is actually good"
    - , Mumbai Mirror
  • "Yet Another Bird Game is bound to keep you occupied for hours, if not days"
    - , thinkdigit.com

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About SuperSike Games

SuperSike Games is an independent game development studio based out of New Delhi, started by Amit Goyal and G Arjun after they were done dabbling with Radio, Dance Music and Literature.

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Yet Another Bird Game v2 Credits

Amit Goyal
Design, Production, Marketing

G Arjun
Design, Production, Music

Kshiraj Telang and Andre (Captain Tsubasa)
Art, Animation

Sandesh Jain

Orange Byte Studios

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