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April 24, 2015



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One More Run is the perfect blend of cricket and endless arcade games. You'll have a tough time finding a more fun cricket game! Sixes and boundaries are passé. Hang on to that last wicket and keep going for One More Run! - an endless cricket runner that will have you coming back for more. How much can you run? How far can you go? How many matches can you win? Tap to run. Tap at the right time to run faster. Grab on to those dive tokens and swipe to save yourself from a runout. Smash power shots to ease the pressure. Every match is sudden death. This is cricketing action condensed to the sport's greatest moment. Be a part of a nerve-wracking, blood pumping finale over and over to get your adrenaline going!


After playing a lot of cricket games, we realized that there is hardly any innovation in the genre. Broadly categorized between sims (which we found too involved and slow for the mobile platform) and casual batting games, the opportunity for a new, offbeat experience was screaming at us to be taken. Enter One More Run, an arcade cricket game like no other.


  • The perfect blend of arcade action and cricket
  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Master the controls to squeeze out extra runs and knock down your friends' scores
  • A brilliant geometric artstyle that lends more novelty to an already unique concept
  • 22 teams to unlock. More coming


There are currently no trailers available for One More Run. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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About SuperSike Games

SuperSike Games is an independent game development studio based out of New Delhi, started by Amit Goyal and G Arjun after they were done dabbling with Radio, Dance Music and Literature.

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One More Run Credits

Amit Goyal
Design, Production, Marketing

G Arjun
Design, Production, Art, Music

Sandeep Nambiar
Design, Tech

Aman Kulhria

Valiullah Hashmi

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